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Life-Giving Blogs

Fill What’s Empty, Empty What’s Full

Hello from gorgeous, wild, tropical, balmy, jungle paradise—aka, Roatan, Honduras—the island where I’ve come to fill what’s empty, empty what’s full. It’s a magical place where I came to take an ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) training.

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Three Difficult Conversations

Recently, I had not one or two but—three “difficult conversations.” I put that in quotes because while they were challenging issues to navigate and I was called to speak up and share my edgy truth with dear friends—who quite honestly, I was afraid to hurt or worse, lose—the conversations turned out to be beautiful, connective, and loving.

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Celebrating 🎉

This week I completed teaching my new course for women entrepreneurs where I guided them to launch something next-level and big in their business—from a place of radical Self care.

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