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There is No Such Thing as Being Perfect

I am a recovering perfectionist who occasionally relapses. Like last week when I began teaching my new online course for female entrepreneurs. While the kick-off class went really well—upon my reflection—I noticed a part of me that was seeking perfection.

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Unexpected Grief

Last week, in both my therapy and business coaching session, I had unexpected grief. I cried tears for what was and no longer is. After selling my kids yoga business and during my two-year sabbatical—I did some deep soul searching.

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Do it from a Place of Ultimate Resource!

I have been blessed to work with some high-level, badass female entrepreneurs. Women who own yoga studios, teach wellness classes, write blogs and books, lead trainings, have staff working for them, coach and mentor others, and run many other bold and heart-centered businesses.

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Busyness is a Choice

We live in a world where being busy is glorified. Whether busyness to show off productivity, a time-filler, fear of missing out, a necessity to make ends meet, a way of over-giving, an addiction, or a way to escape.

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21 in ’21

While last year may have been filled with instability, loss, angst, confusion, grief, and concern—I imagine you too had moments of beauty, love, renewal, discovery, creativity, growth, and connection.

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